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The Zia Fantasy

Identity, Print, Motion, Album Art, Campaign Design, Packaging


Design and Creative Direction:
Shrenik Ganatra

Album Art Imagery:
MET Open Access

Shrenik Ganatra, Liam Christian and Mark Laubenheimer

Project Timeline:
March 2020–November 2020

The Brooklyn alternative rock band Minaxi released their body of work titled The Zia Fantasy in 2020 as a trilogy of EPs, Luna, Isra and Noor. A concept album at its core, the songs convey the journey from normalcy through darkness, and eventually into the divine light. 

The design was inspired by the historic Islamic, Persian and Indian art and incorporated several human figures to represent the emotion on each EP. Pictured above are the core floral elements used on the album art for the singles, EPs and compilation.

The visuals for the music videos and social media campaign harnessed the power of composition and framing in the black-and-white format and placed emphasis on the subjects adorning the frames.

The video for the last song on the trilogy, Yellow Waving, transitions into colour, hinting at the visual style for the next Minaxi album. Watch all 13 music videos created for the trilogy here.

A big thank you to Liam Christian, Steve Carlin, and Mark Laubenheimer for their support and feedback on throughout this audiovisual project.


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