Our first project in the Grad Type class at the Maryland Institute College of Art led by Adam Lucas was to create a type-only exhibition poster for an artist assigned to us. The exhibition could be real or hypothetical. The requirement was to capture the artist’s ideas and motifs through typography, keeping in mind the following constraints: 

1) Poster(s) must contain the name of the artist and the location & dates of the exhibition.
2) It should be 24in x 36in, single-sided.
3) It can be static (print) or dynamic (interactive) or both. 
4) It should only use a single typeface.

Upon researching Beuys and his work, I learned that he would feature everyday objects in his art. Moreover, felt was one of the materials that was very personal to him, ergo it had become an identifier of his work. 

The exhibition for the project is a hypothetical one that features Beuys’ pieces involving felt as a primary material. The idea is represented via laser cut type that is wrapped in felt. The name Spiritual Mundane is a reference to his view on the inseparability of art and everyday life. The posters form a two-part system where they can be used separately, together or as animated frames in digital media. 

Arial is the sole typeface used in the poster.

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