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Now available for design and custom type commissions. I’m particularly interested in designing books and identities for restaurants, cafes, hotels, artists, museums and film and television. Please reach out via email.


Identity, Print, Motion, Album Art, Packaging


Design and Creative Direction:
Shrenik Ganatra

Project Timeline:
April 2021–September 2021

For my Brooklyn alternative band, Minaxi, and our EP Sialia, I chose to take the illustration route for creating artwork for the singles as well as the mini-album itself. Each illustration is meant to represent a specific theme conveyed by the corresponding song. The bold, chunky abstract shapes, when combined with the strategic use of negative space, create a striking contrast against the delicate strokes within the illustration.

The packaging design for the cassette tape and compact disc offered opportunities to craft typographic J-cards and booklets. The J-card showcases the artwork, liner notes, and a QR code linking to a digital lyric booklet. The booklet, included in the CD packaging, accommodates the lyrics, benefiting from slightly more forgiving size and page limitations.

The identity is further extended to motion-based promotional videos and lyric visualizers for each song on the EP. The raw visuals were captured by blending acrylic paint in a fish tank. The shapes and patterns emerged through the introduction of milk and hand soap into the mixture as catalysts. Subsequently, the visuals were edited and color-corrected using Adobe Premiere Pro.

You can check out all the lyric visualisers from the EP here. Additionally, I also filmed, directed and edited the music video for one of the songs featuring my friend and brother, Milan Ganatra, who played tabla on the track. You can watch it below.

A big thank you to Liam Christian, Steve Carlin, Mark Laubenheimer, Milan Ganatra and Luke Santy for their support and feedback on throughout this audiovisual project.


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