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Shillington Grad Showcase
Identity, Print, Motion, Digital Design

Shillington School of Graphic Design

Design and Creative Direction:
Shrenik Ganatra

Art Direction:
Shanti Sparrow, Anthony Wood, Sydney Ligouri

Project Timeline:
April 2021–December 2021

Shillington’s graduate showcase in December 2021 marked the first in-person event since going remote during the pandemic. The typographic mascot, Revive, honours the collaborative spirit of the staff who ensured a superlative online learning experience throughout the pandemic.

Across the rollout, the mascot adheres to the concept of everything adaptable, achieved through the application of the variable typeface, Antartica. In print, the design captures different forms of the mascot. In digital applications, the forms evolve and animate through kinetic typography.

The directional path symbolises the students’ journey through the course. The knot in the path symbolises the challenges encountered by the students in the course. The arrow end of the path symbolises reaching the final milestone in the course upon overcoming these challenges.

A big thank you to Jimmy Muldoon, Cathy Sison, Thiago Eichner, Kim Melvin, Kym Rohman and Tessa Canon for their support and feedback on throughout this project.


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