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Secret Cities

Custom Typeface Design, Identity, Exhibition Design

The National Building Museum

Typeface Design
Shrenik Ganatra

Exhibition Design
Shrenik Ganatra, Ciara Mitchell, Shantal Henry, Vonn Weisenberger

Art Direction
Urshula Barbour and Paul Carlos, Pure+Applied

Exhibition Image Courtesy

Project Timeline:
November 2017–April 2018

The custom typeface for the exhibition draws inspiration from the structural design of the punch cards utilized in IBM Punch Card Accounting Machines, as depicted below. This typeface has been meticulously crafted for application on a larger scale, ranging from the title wall to the exhibition label titles.

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia

Secret Cities explores the innovative design of Oak Ridge, Hanford, and Los Alamos, tracing their architectural origins to the Bauhaus and other early modern schools. The exhibition reveals how their physical layouts influenced daily life and exposes persistent social stratification and segregation, despite initial high-minded ideals.

The exhibit also examines each city's post-Manhattan Project development, emphasizing their ongoing importance as research and technology centers, now primarily non-military in nature.


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