Mountains And You is a collaborative rock band project initiated by Shrenik Ganatra and supported by Patrick Hunt and Ben Jones. It’s Shrenik’s labour of love. The aim of the project is to make original rock music in collaboration with musicians, producers and helpers. 

The band released their first EP on March 27, 2017. Here’s the stream and details about the EP:
A combination of forthright, playful, introspective and assertive lyrics, and sound that’s influenced by alternative rock and grunge music of the early 90’s, coupled with the affinity for human imperfection inherent to the spirit of rock and roll, Mountains And You present their debut EP, “Amateurism”. 

Alternative Rock

1) Jet Black (4:25)
2) The Park (3:16)
3) I Feel Free (4:11)
4) Sorry State of Affairs (2:21)
5) Dreamer (6:02)

Running Time
20min 15sec

Music and Lyrics by Shrenik Ganatra
(Shout-out to Unique Robinson for the critique on the Jet Black and Dreamer lyrics) 

Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Backing Vocals by Shrenik Ganatra
Drums by Ben Jones

Recorded, Engineered and Mixed by Patrick Hunt
(Recorded between Sep 2016—Jan 2017 at 131 W North Ave, Baltimore)

Produced by Patrick Hunt and Shrenik Ganatra