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Identity, Print, Motion, Album Art, Campaign Design, Packaging


Design and Creative Direction:
Shrenik Ganatra

Album Art Photography:
Mark Laubenheimer

Project Timeline:
June 2021–Nov 2022

The Brooklyn-based alternative band Minaxi reference mother nature in their sophomore full-length album, Lazuleen. The visuals support the music by incorporating a predominant blue and green colour scheme representing the ocean and trees.

The concept for the album art signifies collaboration and convergence. The fabric was wrapped around the band members’ bodies to generate a series of forms. Sifting through the collection of about 100 photos, three complimentary forms were picked and juxtaposed in Photoshop for the album art. The final form was then colour-corrected. Typography was added thereafter. The visuals below outline this process.

This process led to the creation of multiple forms in a cohesive visual style. These were then applied to the cover art and packaging for the singles, packaging for the LP and cassette tapes, supporting visuals for the LP insert and booklet and Spotify canvas animations. 

250 limited copies of the LP were pressed by Oscarson Records in Germany and 50 limited copies of the green-tinted tape were self-pressed by the band to support the release. The physical media can be purchased via Minaxi’s bandcamp or if in Europe, via Oscarson’s bandcamp. Below are some shots of the physical media.

Additionally, typographic lyric videos were designed using the open-source, space type generator web application by Kiel Mutschelknaus.

The visual style and its conceptual framework was extended to the music videos designed for the album.

You can stream the album below.

A big thank you to Liam Christian, Steve Carlin and Mark Laubenheimer for their support and feedback on throughout this audiovisual project.


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