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Identity, Print, Motion, Album Art, Campaign Design, Packaging


Design and Creative Direction:
Shrenik Ganatra

Album Art Photography:
Mark Laubenheimer

Featured in the Album Art:
Becca Tauscher, Laura Taylor

Project Timeline:
June 2019–March 2020

The Brooklyn-based alternative band Minaxi attempt to make a bold sonic statement with their debut full-length album Khwab. The sound on the record combines elements of psychedelia, shoegazing, hard rock, dream pop and sufi. With lyrics penned in English and Hindi, the album draws on the themes of love, loss, freedom, faith, home, self-respect, rage, beauty, angst, nostalgia, fate, laughter, courage and dreams.

In addition to designing the album art rollout, the campaign design involved creating music videos as a series of visuals evoking a certain emotion through colour, composition and storytelling.

The visuals captured the attention of design blogs such as Creative Boom whereas the like of Rolling Stone India took to their platform to commend the blend of Indian influences with guitar driven music. Over 100 assets were created for the release campaign.

Stream the music below and experience a sonic journey. 

A big thank you to Liam Christian, Andrew Coral, Steve Carlin, Becca Tauscher, Laura Taylor and Mark Laubenheimer for their support and feedback on throughout this audiovisual project.


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