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Cycles of Animation

Identity, Album Art, Packaging

Skirl Records

Shrenik Ganatra

Art Direction
Jan Wilker, karlssonwilker inc.

Project Timeline:
August 2017

The design process for the artwork was an exercise in form and composition. The visuals accompanying the music were to remain entirely independent from the musical content. To support this approach, album details like the title and track count were withheld until the design's final stages. Music access was unavailable throughout the process.

The process began with paper, where numerous forms were handcrafted and later imported into Adobe Illustrator. Through iterative adjustments using the application's tools, each form transformed into distinct entities. From over 100 structures created, a selection was filtered and integrated into a DVD-sized digipak framework, aligning with Skirl Records' production standards.

Once sufficient experimentation had taken place with form and colour, Jan and I meticulously selected the visuals for each panel of the digipak. Typography was subsequently introduced into the design. After numerous typographic iterations, the following layout was ultimately chosen for each panel.

You can listen to the album below.


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