Portfolio showcasing the work of graphic and type designer, educator and musician, Shrenik Ganatra.

Now available for design and custom type commissions. I’m particularly interested in designing books and identities for restaurants, cafes, hotels, artists, museums and film and television. Please reach out via email.

Apollo Annual Report

Typography, Editorial

Apollo Theater

Shrenik Ganatra

Art Direction
Urshula Barbour and Paul Carlos, Pure+Applied

Project Timeline:
January 2018–February 2018

The 2017–18 edition of the Apollo Annual Report was driven by typography and thoughtful use of space in the layout. Adhering to Apollo's established type and colour guidelines, the objective was to craft an annual report that would be fitting for display on a coffee table.

The design captures intrigue and dynamism through a three-column grid structure, effective type pairing, clever image choice and editing, and a clear hierarchy and pacing achieved by utilizing scale and color shifts in both typography and layout. All images were manually edited and colour-corrected in Adobe Photoshop before being integrated into Adobe InDesign.


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